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Spartan 6 lx150 fpga bitcoin mining

Please switch to Series 2 FPGA Boards. An Spartan 6 lx150 fpga bitcoin mining is available as workaround.

The old product page is still available here for documentation purposes. Easy to use hard memory controller included Spartan 6 FPGA with 6 ports. USB using the EZ-USB FX2 SDK. No JTAG adapters or other additional utilities required. Click on the image for a larger version or download the PDF version.

The main purpose of this jumper is to disable EEPROM boot-loading. If, for example, the EEPROM was programmed with a corrupt firmware the Microcontroller can be booted with the internal firmware by closing JP1 during powering-on the FPGA Board. JP1 has an unconnected pin which can be used for parking the jumper. Clock resources On the FPGA board two clocks sources are connected to the FPGA: the clock output of the EZ-USB FX2 which is usually configured to 48 MHz and the interface clock which can be configured to 30 MHz or to 48 MHz.

They can be used to generate new clocks within the FPGA using DCM’s or PLL’s. If desired: cut off the overhanging edges using a scissor or a sharp knife. The thermal pad is two 2mm larger than the heat sink. Remove the protective liner from one side of the thermal pad and apply it centrical to the heat sink.