Is bitcoin cloud mining profitable franchises

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100 million that closed in February. It might be surprising for some market watchers to learn that Guyana Goldfields’ biggest shareholder is the Baupost Group, the massive Boston hedge fund firm run by Seth Klarman. Shares of gold mining companies have been hammered this year as the price of gold has tumbled. Most gold mining companies are facing a serious cash crunch as the economics of their industry get upended. Klarman must be quite bullish on the future price of gold in U.

Dollars because his investments in the Junior resource sector require much higher gold prices to be profitable. Remember that it is not the size of a deposit but the cost to bring ozs. RGLD, SLW, FNV, SAND that are already profitable with low fixed costs and little operational risk. Those firms  can make money even if gold goes lower. 30M position, especially in something so tiny that probably can’t be scaled too much given the large amount of capital he puts to work in other areas?

I’m guessing there is a reason. A purchases, piling up cash, etc. I’d like to find the ones who were not repurchasing shares earlier due to price but are now more interested. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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