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How much is a bitcoin

Receive up to 84 satoshi every hour! Bitcoin is virtual money present in the Internet that you can use to pay with, pass along to others or exchange for physical money. A bitcoin transaction how much is a bitcoin in essence a process of exchanging encrypted data. Maximum total emission of bitcoin is not going to expand beyond the number of 21 million.

By the beginning of the year 2014 there have been 14 million bitcoins already in circulation. There is an official graph created which established, based on the statistics of bitcoin increase, the epochal date of creation of the last, 21-million-th bitcoin. Interestingly, the exchange rate of bitcoin to real currency grows simultaneously to bitcoin increase. For instance, in early 2013 one bitcoin amounted to 13 dollars, but by the end of the same year it was already worth more than a thousand. Even at that comparatively early point in bitcoin development history there were people lucky enough to successfully capitalize on such a significant rate growth.

Public interest in bitcoin grows steadily, as evidenced by equally steady growth in actual bitcoin transactions. The difference is that actual gold has a physical form that can be interacted with while bitcoin remains completely virtual. Bitcoin is sometimes called currency of the future, but that is true only to an extent. While technologically this sort of assumption makes total sense, it remains to be seen when all countries of the world are ready to grant bitcoin the status of legally recognized currency. In Germany bitcoin is a recognized unit of account, the US Treasury recently classified bitcoin as a commodity, and Canada installed bitcoin ATMs. If you do not accept these terms, then please do not sign in.

If you do not accept these terms, then please do not register. You can request withdrawal at any time, so long as your balance is at least 25000 satioshi. There is no fee for this. All withdrawal requests are processed and paid directly to your bitcoin wallet within 72 hours.