Gigabyte gv r797oc 3gd bitcoin mining

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I buy rx 580 and cross fire at hand . The reason why the 1060 wins is because the under the Gaming section the RX 480 must have crashed or frozen during the benchmark, therefore no score. Go play a game optimized for open gl. Nobody buys a graphics card for performance per watt. Power consumption should be a side note in any GPU comparison. Sure it’s nice to know, but it’s nobody is going to intentionally sacrifice performance to save a few watts.

Benchmark is 6gb variant vs 8gb variant? He probably didn’t even type it to begin with. Dude, he said the 1060 3gb variant vs the 580 4gb variant. Stop posting the same comment when you didn’t even read his. Where do you look for prices?

I know i copied it but i was too lazy to type it again. Right now you’re paying twice as much for a 580 8GB as a 1060 6GB. And while the specs say one thing, actually gaming performance between these two cards depends more on which brand the game is optimized for more. If you look at videos with benchmarks from Gamersnexus, you’ll see what I mean. They’re trading blows game per game.

Before the mining craze, I would’ve bought a 480 or 580 in a heartbeat. Bruh, rx 580 won literally every category, the hell you guys on? The Bottom Line: A great option for mid-range 1080p gamers who want excellent performance in mainstream games, but with some grunt to handle either higher resolutions or detail levels, or higher-end games. Far Cry Primal is a game built on the impressive Dunia Engine 2 with wide open, beautiful environments.