Blockchain expo

Blockchain Expo is the leading blockchain event series and conference in London, Berlin and Santa Clara. Covering bitcoin, blockchain technologies and more. Blockchain Expo, the world’s largest blockchain event blockchain expo, brings together industry leaders for two days of top-level keynotes, interactive panel discussions and solution-based case studies.

The series saw 15,000 attendees last year, and over 25,000 are expected in 2018. How will blockchain affect the healthcare industry? We welcome contributions to the Blockchain Expo blog. Who’s speaking at the Global event?

The art of creating Financial and Social wealth on the blockchain. IMPACTXO Coins and Earth Tokens by the Impact Earth Foundation. For 1 USD participants will receive 1 IMPACTXO Coin, everybody can participate with a minimum of 10 USD. Driven by the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement, a multi-billion industry has emerged.

Governments and companies alike need to reduce their CO2 footprint and want to improve their corporate Sustainability Image. The Mission of Impact Earth is to offer complete sustainable Impact Investments Solutions fully managed on the blockchain that will reduce CO2 and will assist in creating sustainable communities in Developing Countries. Each IMPACTXO coin will be backed by three streams of value creation. A blockchain company that created a protocol and a transparent blockchain platform to manage the complete lifecycle of the Impact Investments.