Bitcoin mining with a gtx 670 review

A few months ago I purchased a new Thermaltake P3 chassis. This case has the option to mount the graphics bitcoin mining with a gtx 670 review vertically with PCIe extender. Unfortunately, that cable did not last very long, so I needed a replacement. Thermaltake and Lian-Li, whom I asked for a sample.

I must say I have never spent so much time for one review. We are looking at a total of 4 days of nonstop testing. This is roughly 100 hours of testing, analyzing and writing. I will explain why it was necessary later in this review.

The idea behind this test is to tell you whether it’s really worth to pay x10 more for a premium cable. There is no denying that those cables are expensive, but chances are this cable will last for much longer, outlasting your graphics card. This short review is also a debate about vertically mounted graphics cards. Motherboard manufacturers and PCI-SIG have not provided any alternative to graphics card installation other than the PCI-Express slot on your motherboard. All extenders are to comply with all PCI-Express standards, but there is no official standard for the cable itself.