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Now Mining Review: Official marketing arm for Genesis Mining? Now Bitcoin mining rig ebay official site claim to be based out of London in the UK but don’t appear to have any actual business operations there.

UK incorporation search on the company name. Additionally, no contact details are provided on the Now Mining website. Luis Ortega is identified as the company’s CEO. As far as I can tell, he doesn’t seem to have an MLM history. For all intents and purposes Now Mining appears to be operated from within the US.

Now Mining held their official grand opening on December 9th in Phoenix Arizona. For more we turn to an undated Now Mining conference call hosted by Oz Fuentes. Fuentes states he’s based out of Phoenix, Arizona and claims to have been working in the MLM industry for ten years. After introducing himself and others on the call, Fuentes starts breaking down Now Mining. About four minutes into the webinar, Fuentes claims Now Mining is the official marketing arm of Genesis Mining. I found out that Luis had been working with Genesis Mining for about three years. He’s been consulting for them, Genesis Mining.

And he was chosen to be the President of CEO of Now Mining, who is the marketing arm for Genesis Mining. Genesis Mining is a four year old company, debt free. They’re worth about two billion dollars. They’ve mined about a hundred thousand bitcoin so far. And they decided to launch their network marketing arm, Now Mining. I tried to independently verify this information but couldn’t find anything connecting Luis Ortega or Now Mining with Genesis Mining. Whether the company is indeed the network marketing arm of Genesis Mining remains unclear.