Bitcoin mining profit calculator command prompt

Either click the blue Menu button and Check for updates or visit the Download page on the web site. The currently installed version is displyed via the blue Menu button, in the About section. If Remote Agent is used, please ensure that bitcoin mining profit calculator command prompt same software version of Awesome Miner main application and Awesome Miner Remote Agent is installed. If any overclocking is made, restore the clock speed to the default values to ensure a stable baseline before proceeding with any overclocking.

Some of the mining software being downloaded can be flagged as threats according to security and anti-virus software, as they sometimes are used by malicious software. Please follow the guide how to Configure exclusions in Windows Defender. Ccminer: “Your system does not support CUDA 9. Sgminer: “All devices disabled, cannot mine! To prevent this, add a command line argument to Sgminer. Managed Profit Miner: Right click on the miner and select “Edit Profit profile”. Select Sgminer in the list of mining software and click Configure.

This indicates that the mining software is unable to connect to the pool with the configured worker name or wallet address. For pools that requires a Bitcoin address as identifier, please verify that a valid Bitcoin address has been provided. A typical worker name can be: yourusername. Please see the pool documentation for details. The code execution cannot proceed bacause MSVCR120.

See the section about prerequisites for mining software below for links to download the missing packages. This mining software requires a 64-bit version of Windows, while you are running on a 32-bit version. This indicates either a crash or instant shutdown of the launched mining software. Please check that the prerequisites for the mining software are installed. To troubleshoot further, first run the Diagnostics to see the command executed by Awesome Miner, then open a command prompt and manually run the same command to see if any additional messages from the mining software is provided.