Bitcoin mining i7 3770k

It’s new CPU season at Intel with the launch of the Ivy Bridge family, and the i7 3770K is the quickest of the new breed. It’s new CPU season at Intel with the launch of the Ivy Bridge family of CPUs and the new Intel Core i7-3770K. It’s the quickest bitcoin mining i7 3770k the new breed and therefore likely to be the fastest CPU in the real world.

They’re just not good value. AMD doesn’t really have anything to keep the Intel Core i7 3770K honest. At first glance, that might not be a trivial job. For starters, the new Intel Core i7 3770K still has four cores. And it’s not clocked any higher than the 2700K. Nor does it have any additional cache memory. All of which is rather odd when you consider it sports Intel’s spangley new 22nm process and thus 3D Tri-gate transistors.

You might think the shrink from 32nm to 22nm would allow for a couple more cores, or some clockspeed. What you do get is the latest upgrade for Intel’s HD Graphics. Now known as HD Graphics 4000, it gets an extra four execution units for a grand total of 16 along with Direct X 11 support. It’s welcome enough, but it’s what we were hoping for. Then again, maybe the minor revisions Intel has applied to the four cores will release some extra performance. Likewise, even if Intel doesn’t fancy ramping up the clockspeeds, there’s nothing stopping us from clocking the twangers off those 22nm transistors. Before that, let’s have a closer look at what makes the Intel Core i7 3770K tick.

As it happens, it very much is a Tick rather than a Tock in Intel’s Tick-Tock chip development regime. That means it’s a die shrink rather than an all-new architecture. In other words, it’s the opposite of the existing Sandy Bridge chips such as the Core i7 2700K. The 2700K remained a 32nm chip but got an all new design.