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Worldopoly is best placed for an advantageous launching position compared to the other games in similar category. In comparison to other AR-games on the market, Worldopoly provides a rich game world as well as numerous possibilities for addons to keep players invested. Wisepass will revolutionize the process of purchasing items with cryptocurrencies through the utility of PASS tokens which can purchase items to be consumed in everyday life. Currently, there are ICO tokens such as REQ which promise to apply cryptocurrencies in real world application however this is a payment system that requires merchants to first be willing to accept cryptocurrencies. OSA HP integrates with the big data systems of the participating retail chains and then combines optical recognition and machine learning technologies to issue alerts to the in-store staff each time our algorithms discover there might be a problem with optimal shelf availability of the products being distributed by our clients. The Ubex platform will provide ample opportunities not only to publishers and advertisers, but also to companies that need regression analysis of user data. The system’s neural core, which is responsible for making decisions at all stages of the life cycle of the advertising material, will have an API, access to which can be provided to partner companies.

The Bulleon platform provides end-users with the everyday digital asset related services from a single place. This universal digital asset platform is built on the cutting-edge Ethereum blockchain technology and a team of skilled programmers and developers. The services rendered by this platform will efficiently facilitate digital transactions that are carried out in financial sectors. AEToken will develop a sidechain to one of the major blockchains to support escrow and smart contract driven payment terms to enforce affiliate marketing offline contracts and record historical reputation. Lendo’s mission is to connect conventional banking services and cryptocurrency through the Lendo card and smart wallet system.

Lendo makes several types of blockchain assets, such as crypto currencies and tokens, spendable in real time when using the Lendo credit card. Global Spy provides the holding company’s history, its team, its key investors, and the like. Additionally, the ecosystem will deliver a suite of solutions beginning from Quick Service to large-scale investigations—these investigations will be performed a team of professional investigators, and its work will largely include inquiries, personal contacts, and visits. This platform will prove highly beneficial for all the advertisers across the world by increasing the loyalty of their customer base through analyzing their emotional involvement. The platform is supported by a mobile app where users can share their reviews about the product in one word. Sapphire offers a unique gambling game experience, with world record prices, and industry best payout rates. The platform is backed by a team with strong technical expertise in implementing PCI DSS certified secure enterprise application platforms and online gambling platforms.