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Whether you are day trading cryptocurrency or just trying to buy your first Bitcoin, you have many options in 2018. Here are the capabilities, advantages, and disadvantages of several exchanges. ASIC miners Avalon 6 Review: 3. Much like the Avalon 4, the new housing makes for a streamlined cooling and setup method. Canaan-Creative, who resurrected the damaged Avalon brand, has worked hardĀ onĀ these next gen ASICs as well as their customer service. The system draws approximately 1000 Watts.

Disclosure: Avalon 6 provided by BlockC. The Avalon 6 arrived very fast and secure. The shipping gods were kind this time. Being shipped from the US also had the effect of a faster ship time and lower shipping costs. Setting up pool and worker info is simply going to the configuration panel. Same for network settings and reaching the advanced settings.

The menu layout is easy to use and yet still gives the options more experienced miners need. In the advanced interface, you can get very granular, and access clock speeds settings as well. The dual panel closed tunnel design leaves some room, so the cooling is robust despite only a single fan. Frequency settings in the main panel allow for an underclock from 100 to a max of 500 which is the default setting.

More advanced users can SSH into the control software and modify the base CGMiner with 3rd party firmware to accept higher freq. Due to the less dense two board design when the Avalon 6 overclocking it stays cooler allowing for more overhead. The other big benefit of the RPi control software is that is it can control 40 to 50 miners at once. This ability makes for easier large data center management. Instead of 50 network cables, one for each miner you only need one. This ability cuts down on deployment costs. The Avalon 6 power consumption is solid as well.

GH the Avalon 6 beats many of the current miners on the market available for purchase. The Avalon 6 we tested was only pulling at the wall an average of 1049 watts while performing at 3. The single fan operates in a pull system within the housing. This airflow method allows for a smooth airflow over the heatsinks and boards. Updating the Avalon firmware is simple as well. The main Avalon control panel has direct links to the DL site.

Customer service is excellent as well with BlockC. Build quality is top notch, and extra attention paid to the board design allow for a robust unit. The Avalon 6 is a solid step forward from the Avalon 4. The excellent cooling and power to hash rate ratio while allowing for easy deployment and management makes it a good buy.