65 nm asic bitcoin mining chip motherboard combo

Butterfly Labs 65 nm ASIC Bitcoin Mining Chip, Grade A: Amazon. Big news from Bitcoin ASIC Builder Butterfly Labs: Their next ASIC will be 28nm and will feature 65 nm asic bitcoin mining chip motherboard combo PCIe form factor that should make former GPU miners pretty happy and other manufacturers at least a little envious bitcoin wallet litecoin.

The card will feature BFL’s second generation of ASIC created with a 28nm process. BFL’s current architecture is built around the 65nm process which refers to the size of a single transistor. Smaller transistors mean higher performance for lower power consumption so it should come as no surprise that a chip with transistors less than half the size packs quite a punch. 300 watts of electricity, comparable to the power consumption of high-end video cards miners are already using. Remember, graphics accelerators were a costly new ASIC once too. While I am a huge fan of BFL’s hardware there are of course areas in which they’ve been traditionally found wanting and there is no word yet on how this will affect currently existing orders.

BFL exec Sonny Vleisides informs me that customers still waiting for 65nm ASICs will likely be allowed to switch queues for the newer product. All else aside, I’ve been saying we need a PCIe form factor ASIC for a long time now and I’m very excited to see such a product finally coming to market. Will it eventually come down in price? Will it meet hashrate and power estimates?