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Here you help, and have the chance to be helped by thousands of people. Take a few minutes of your time, and see how you can change your life just helping others. Recently, the European Court ruled that the crypto-currency transactions are not imposed on the value added tax (VAT). This decision automatically equates Bitcoin and other crypto-currency real money and creates greater opportunities for its development. This decision did not come from scratch. This was expected after the growing interest for crypto-currency in Europe. It all started from Sweden where a similar decision was made by the court already in 2014 (however, Tax Service had appealed against him later). And in spring 2015 Britain, one of the largest financial centers in Europe, became interested in crypto-currencies. In July 2015 the Advocate General Julianne Kokot addressed the suggestion to abolish the tax on Bitcoin transactions (VAT) to the EU. Since this example has the highest legal power to the EU countries, its decision is binding on all EU territory. According to this decision in the near future, some EU countries have to change their legislation. Interestingly, Poland, Estonia and Germany have already set the regulatory rules of the crypto-currency transactions. Thoughts on the decision of the European Court differ, however, both financiers and IT people agree that the precedent gives hope that Bitcoin will continue its gradual development and expansion.

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The spontaneous donation system are a group of investors of virtual currency Bitcoin, which is international.

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Our system distributes donations of all users for your upline, directly on the bitcoin wallet each unmediated and fully automated.

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The administration of the bitcoin mining system is not responsible for transactions made using the system because transactions are directly on the bitcoin wallets of users and has no intermediation of our management.

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